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::autumn open house::


I really hope that you can join us for the autumn open house coming up on Saturday, Sept. 22 between 10 and 4. I would love to see you all! The handbags are really starting to stack up around here!

My friend Jen Eckford has provided an amazing chocolate cheesecake, there will be some draw prizes and sale prices on summer items. It should be good times. Oh, and iced coffees too! Yum.

 Here is a sneak peek at a few things. These (and the rest of the fall stuff) will launch in the store on Saturday.

dsc01357.jpg  dsc01360.jpg

The one on the left has a little row of mushrooms along the bottom, (which are sort of hard to see – I’m working on getting a new camera!), and I just love the Russian doll print. So fun.

dsc01364.jpg  dsc01366.jpg 

I have used this print before in a green, but I think my favorite is this red and white. The inside is a super soft corduroy with an inner pocket.

dsc01369.jpg  dsc01371.jpg

These slouchy shoulder bags are really easy to wear – the straps are corduroy and stay put on your shoulder, and they are short enough to tuck nicely under your arm. They also fit more than you might expect which is handy. They are reversible, so there isn’t a snap, but I find things stay in there all right.


This is one of my latest favorites. The outside fabric and the lining are both vintage and I have done some free hand quilting details on the flowers. Very cheerful I think.

So, hopefully we see you on Saturday! If not, we are open again next week, Monday through Friday 1-6pm.

Happy Autumn everyone!



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I have been experimenting lately with using thrifted mini skirts to make handbags and I am having a lot of fun with it. The skirts often have great pocket details which are handy for bags. (translate: I don’t have to make the pockets!)

For example this was I think a size 5 or 6 mini skirt.  It is this great soft corduroy, with that slightly wrinkled look which I love. I lined it with some great japanese fabric, but couldn’t get a bright enough picture of it with my lame digi cam. (I am so coveting a digital SLR)


This skirt was a pleated skirt which ended up in these fun bubbly looking folds on the bottom. Again, no picture of the lining because my camera is lame-o. The tie is a nice detail although it ends up being not at all functional.


So….these bags are currently in the shop, but probably not for long!

Hope everyone had a good weekend.


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