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grateful girl

Thanks SO much to everyone who came out of Saturday for our little do. We had an amazing turnout and it was good times all around. So thank you again for all your support! It makes this little gig so rewarding to see people enjoying handmade things.Some photos are here for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy.

If you would like to be contacted about the goings on (sales, events, sales,workshops, online shop updates etc) at this little shop, I have started a Facebook group called ::the front room:: modern handcrafts. We would love to have you along, and please tell your friends too! If you aren’t on Facebook (yet) then drop me an email at amyandwill(at)shaw(dot)ca and I will add you to my email listy thing.

Also, just a quick shout out that we had to close the shop today, (Tues) but we will be open tommorrow (Wed) our usual hours 1pm-6pm.

Later chicarinas!



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::autumn open house::


I really hope that you can join us for the autumn open house coming up on Saturday, Sept. 22 between 10 and 4. I would love to see you all! The handbags are really starting to stack up around here!

My friend Jen Eckford has provided an amazing chocolate cheesecake, there will be some draw prizes and sale prices on summer items. It should be good times. Oh, and iced coffees too! Yum.

 Here is a sneak peek at a few things. These (and the rest of the fall stuff) will launch in the store on Saturday.

dsc01357.jpg  dsc01360.jpg

The one on the left has a little row of mushrooms along the bottom, (which are sort of hard to see – I’m working on getting a new camera!), and I just love the Russian doll print. So fun.

dsc01364.jpg  dsc01366.jpg 

I have used this print before in a green, but I think my favorite is this red and white. The inside is a super soft corduroy with an inner pocket.

dsc01369.jpg  dsc01371.jpg

These slouchy shoulder bags are really easy to wear – the straps are corduroy and stay put on your shoulder, and they are short enough to tuck nicely under your arm. They also fit more than you might expect which is handy. They are reversible, so there isn’t a snap, but I find things stay in there all right.


This is one of my latest favorites. The outside fabric and the lining are both vintage and I have done some free hand quilting details on the flowers. Very cheerful I think.

So, hopefully we see you on Saturday! If not, we are open again next week, Monday through Friday 1-6pm.

Happy Autumn everyone!


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Yo Yo!



 Well, tonight I hosted the first of (hopefully) many little craft nights and it was a lot of fun. Everyone seemed to have a good time, and even the self professed non crafter among us (who makes her husband sew on all the buttons) managed to go home with some beautiful yo yos. We started discussing all the possible ways to use these to embellish things and came up with quite a list. Scarves, hats, clothing, kid’s items, handbags, hairbands, picture frames, on stems as flowers in a windowbox, Christmas tree ornaments, garlands, wreaths….and on and on. They are such an easy way to make anything look more arty and cool. So….a good time had by all. If anyone is interested we could do another Yo Yo night – just leave a comment or let me know via the ol’ FB. The next  craft night is in October, I have some fun things up my sleeve….I will keep you posted about that too!

Also…if you are reading this on Friday, September 14, I will be in the shop all afternoon until 6 and I would love some company. Come on over for a coffee and we can soak up some of this great fall sunshine!



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Photos and such…

I have some pics from the Shopping and Sangria Garden party that I have been wanting to post, but we were away on holidays and it was a bit crazy. Those of you who joined us know all about the fantastic cheesecake (thanks Jen!) and the sangria but the rest of you are out of luck. Maybe next time….

So…some photos of the digs

  dsc00586.jpg  dsc00588.jpg  dsc00595.jpg

dsc00592.jpg  dsc00594.jpg  dsc00596.jpg

I know it looks like no one came to my party, but that is because everyone was so busy shopping and eating and drinking that I didn’t have time to take photos and be the hostess too!

So…that was our summer party. The next party is our fall collection launch on September 22, which is coming up incredibly soon. Yikes. I need to get busy. So…I’ll be sewing for the next few weeks but I will send more details your way about our fall launch.

See you soon!


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garden party

This Thursday we will be hosting a “Shopping and Sangria”  garden party at the front room from 5-9pm. Hopefully the weather is good for us, if not it may be really cozy!   Feel free to bring a friend if you like to have a look and a sangria, it will be great to have a bit of a girl’s night.

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Hi there! Come on in and make yourself comfortable. We are glad you found us. Things are keeping busy here at our little shop we are happy to say. Thank you so much for your support and encouraging comments! It means so much to us, and we are so grateful for all the love.

We are going to be at the Quesnel Farmer’s Market this Saturday, August 11. There is an art event going on there as well so it should be good times. I have some new bag designs that I will be launching this weekend too! The market opens at 8:30 and closes at 1pm. That makes it a very early morning for Stella and I, but I am sure my trusty neighbourhood coffee shop will come through for me.

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