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This little cutie Avelyn is wearing the first dress that I ever sold to anyone. So exciting to see something I made on someone elses site! This photo is a part of a photo shoot by a very talented aspiring photographer.  Aren’t they a cute little family?

 And speaking of cute….this is Julia sporting another Bellababy dress by moi. Everyone together now.. . ahhhh.                      


Other than that, I am afraid I don’t have much to show or tell. I am however expecting a very exciting parcel in the mail this week that will most likely result in lots of photos on this site and lots more for me to post about. The shop is open this week as usual from 1-6pm. I will be there on Tuesday so stop by for a coffee if you like! I am always up for some company!



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happy turkey day!

Just wanted to put the word out that the shop will be closed Friday and Monday for Thanksgiving. If you are in town just for the weekend though, and want to shop, give us a call or message and we can set up a time to meet you there.

Hope everyone has a yummy holiday!


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